ACI-LAC Annual Conference and Exhibition SJO 2017 Pictures


Tuesday November 08, 2017    

Session 1  Dialogue on taxes, connectivity and sustainable tourism

Moderator-Jared Harckham, Vice President Aviation Consulting - ICF International
Costa Rica a country to invest - Hermes Navarro, Tourism Board Costa Rica  
Benefits of Aviation in Latin America - Peter Cerda, Regional Vice President IATA Americas
Angela Gittens - Director General ACI-World

Session 2  Infrastructure challenges for the Americas

Moderator - Javier Martinez, Director General ACI-LAC
New Mexico City Airport - Mario Ruiz Cornejo, Grupo Aeroportuario Ciudad de México
El Dorado, Airport of the future - Felisa Perez Luengo, El Dorado Airport - OPAIN
Santiago Airport AMB - Nicolas Claude, CEO Nuevo Pudahuel
Air Transport sector in LAC region - Joan Rojas, Partner ALG

Session 3  Achieving an strong Security culture at Airports 

Security threats, reality and airport dynamics - Leticia Monteagudo, CEO Smart Security   

Session 4  A Digital Airport, enhancing customer experience with innovative technologies

Moderator - Kevin Caron, Head Global Training ACI-World
Transforming Air Travel through Technology - Elbson Quadros, VP Latin America, SITA
Digitalization, passenger experience - Augusto de Macedo Santos, Head of Sales, Rockwell Collins
A Digital Airport - Maurice Jenkins, IT Director MIA Airport

Wednesday November 09, 2017    

Session 5  Live interview, why Airports should engage in Airport Carbon reduction programs

No presentations on this session

Session 6  Commercial Management Trends

Moderator Carlos Gallego, Maccorp Exact Change
Millenials en LATAM, Oportunidades y Desafíos - Diego Arrosa, CEO Puerta del Sur
Millenials - Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Manager, GRU Airport
Morpho Travel Retail - Pablo Vargas, Executive Chairman Grupo Britt
Next Generation Store - Cyrille Beauviche, Commercial Director Dufry Americas

Session 7  Safety Challenges for Airports Operators

Moderator Milagros Jimenez, Director Gesnaer/AirPartners
Facing Airport Safety Challenges in the CAR region - Julio Siu, Deputy Regional Director ICAO NACC
Addressing Airport Safety Challenges - Carl Johnson FAA Senior Representative
SJO Airport Certification - Juan Belliard, Operations and Security Director, AERIS Costa Rica

Session 8  Cybersecurity

The advanced cyber threat in aviation - Silka González, President ERM

Session 8  CEOs Panel, an introspection to the industry

Moderated Panel without presentations

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