Mission & Objectives


ACI-LAC is a regional office of Airports Council International, which represents the interests of airports operators for the Latin-American and Caribbean. Founded in 1991, the mission of ACI-LAC is to provide support for a secure, stable, efficient and environmentally compatible airport system. Currently, ACI-LAC has over 60 members operating more than 260 airports in 33 countries from the Latin-American and Caribbean region.


Maximizing airports contribution to develop and maintain a safe and viable industry in a responsible and sustainable way.

Promote cooperation among all aviation industry sectors and its stakeholders, as well as national and international governments and organizations.

Influence on standards, politics and practices of international, regional or national level based on established politics which represents airports priorities and interests.

Assist the aviation system development through the public awareness of the economic and social importance of air transport development.

Provide leadership in airport operations and management trough the development of technical global standard and/or recommended practices.

Maximize cooperation and mutual cooperation among airports.

Provide industry knowledge, advice and assistance to the members, as well as promote professional excellence in airport management and operation.

Develop organizational capacity and ACI-LAC resources in order to serve the members in an efficient and effectively way.

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